Ranger vs Canyon vs Colorado

The Ranger, the Canyon, and the Colorado: How Do They Stack Up?

At Sarasota Ford, our mission is to help customers throughout the Sarasota and Venice, FL areas find world-class Ford vehicles at competitive prices. But we understand that when it comes to choosing a mid-size pickup truck, there are plenty of options on the market. So how can you make the right decision when buying a new or used pickup truck? As your local experts in heavy duty and commercial vehicles, we wanted to put a guide together to compare the top three standouts in the mid-size pickup class: the Ford Ranger, the GMC Canyon, and the Chevy Colorado. Let's see how these three pickup truck models measure up when we compare them piece by piece.

What's a Better Pickup Truck, Ford, Chevy, or GMC?

To make this comparison, we're going to go down the line and compare the three trucks on a variety of factors. We'll declare a winner for each of those factors, and by the end, you should have a pretty good idea of how these three pickups measure up to each other. With that in mind, let's start with what's on every car buyer's mind...

Fuel Efficiency: Ford Ranger

In terms of fuel economy, the Ford Ranger is best-in-class, although not by a huge margin. The Colorado and Canyon both manage a 22 MPG combined, while the Ranger's EcoBoost engine gets 23 MPG.

Engine & Horsepower: Ford Ranger

In terms of firepower, the Ranger has its competitors beat hand over fist. The Ford Ranger boasts turbocharged 2.3-liter I-4 engine with 270 horsepower, while both the Canyon and the Colorado feature standard 2.5-liter engines with 200 HP.

Transmission: Ford Ranger

Once again, the Ranger wins out under the hood. It's transmission is a 10-speed automatic w/OD and auto-manual, while the Canyon and Colorado both feature 6-speed automatic and manual w/OD transmissions.

Drivetrain: Draw

No surprises here. All three pickups are RWD.

Off-roading: Ford Ranger

Here's where the Ranger truly sets itself apart from the pack. The Ranger features an FX4 Off-Road Package that makes it virtually unbeatable off the highway, and a new available feature called Trail Control - almost like cruise control for off-roading - provides off-roading capabilities basically unheard of in a mid-size pickup. In this regard, the Canyon and the Colorado simply don't stand a chance.

Comfort & Convenience: Ford Ranger

Finally, when we consider the myriad of factors that contribute to the overall comfort and convenience of a pickup truck, we have to, once again, give it to the Ford Ranger. For starters, the Ranger has 4 seats instead of 2 in the Colorado and Canyon, and the Ranger is the only one of the three with the option for cruise control. The Canyon and Colorado both lack a compass that the Ranger includes, and the Ranger packs in 3 12-volt DC power outlets compared to the other trucks' 2 each. The Ranger also features an auto-dimming day and night rear view mirror, which means no more flipping back and forth to compensate for headlights.

Overall Winner: The Ford Ranger

So, let's take a look at who won each category:

  • Price: Chevy Colorado
  • Fuel Efficiency: Ford Ranger
  • Engine & HP: Ford Ranger
  • Transmission: Ford Ranger
  • Drivetrain: Draw
  • Off-roading: Ford Ranger
  • Comfort & Convenience: Ford Ranger

We certainly don't mean to start a war with any Chevy owners, but looking at the numbers, the Ford Ranger takes the cake as the best mid-size pickups around. The Ranger dominated in virtually every category from horsepower to power outlets, and the only category it lost was due to the Chevy Colorado costing a few thousand less. If you're looking for a new mid-size pickup and want to get a truly best-in-class model, the 2019 Ford Ranger can't be beat. So what are you waiting for? Visit Sarasota Ford and test drive one today!

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