Drive A New Car With The Same Monthly Payment

Looking To Dump Your Current Leased Vehicle But Don’t Want To Increase Your Payments?

No worries! Sarasota Ford wants to take your lease off your hands today!

We are confident we can trade your current vehicle for one of the freshest models in our line up, all while keeping your monthly payments similar to, or less than, your current payments.

Here’s how:

  1. Schedule an appointment online for your exclusive lease termination appraisal
  2. Come into Sarasota Ford and pick your new vehicle
  3. Drive off the lot in a newer vehicle without a higher monthly lease payment

Do not worry about which lending source you make your lease payments to, we will make the proper arrangements to cancel your current lease so you don’t have to. Schedule an appointment by filling out the form below ASAP to receive your exclusive lease termination appraisal.

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