Millennial Vehicle Purchasing Habits Focus on SUVs

September 14th, 2017 by

The large and diverse Millennial population is notoriously difficult to predict when it comes to buying habits and purchase choices. Many Millennials are simply not choosing to purchase the same things their parents did; this pattern shows up even with regard to vehicle ownership. Although more and more Millennial shoppers are postponing vehicle ownership, one particular type of vehicle shows robust sales in this demographic. Interestingly, Millennial vehicle ownership trends have shown an interesting tendency towards sport utility vehicles. What makes Ford SUVs in particular such an appealing vehicle choice?

Versatility, Value, and Power

Millennials tend to be savvy shoppers and like getting a lot of value for their money. They expect their vehicles to work hard and be able to handle all kinds of driving conditions. These demands have led more and more shoppers to look at sport utility vehicles. Not only are these great for hauling a crowd, they boast lots of cargo room, plenty of available technology, enviable safety features, and plenty of power under the hood. You really cannot get much more well-rounded than this.

Transportation for Suburb Dwellers

As Millennials are settling down to raise families, they are more likely than ever to do so in the suburbs. SUVs are ideal for the suburban lifestyle for lots of reasons, including:

  • Competitive gas mileage for the vehicle size
  • Plenty of cargo room for hauling groceries and sports gear
  • Advanced safety options to protect driver and passengers
  • Value retention and resale opportunity

The size of an SUV is one of its biggest selling points to the Millennial demographic. Hauling groceries, luggage, sporting equipment, and other recreational gear is important for anyone and especially for a growing family. Space enough to accommodate the needs of each member of the family is something that Millennial car shoppers are looking for.

Test Drive a New SUV

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