Know Your Vehicle's Worth So You Don't Sell it for Anything Less

You've taken good care of your vehicle over the years and have treated it to new tires (on more than one occasion), regular tune ups, frequent oil changes and weekly waxings. However, the time has come to trade it in for a newer model, one that is more in line with your current lifestyle. As a result of your TLC, your older car or truck is still in pristine condition and worth more than the average used car. But how much more?

Use Kelly Blue Book for Fair Valuations

Kelly Blue Book has been around for 100 years. Over the course of the last century, KBB has collected data from real transactions to come up with a fair pricing guide for just about every vehicle on the market. The data takes into consideration the condition of the vehicles as they were sold, market conditions, the location in which vehicles were sold and other pertinent factors. Because of its accuracy, Kelly Blue Book prices are often used as the starting point for negotiations of used vehicles across the nation. If you want to sell your used vehicle for what it's really worth, perform a Kelly Blue Book analysis today.

Contact Sarasota Ford

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