Improve Handling and More Distinguish New Ford Mustang

January 17th, 2018 by

The Ford Mustang has always been an exciting part of the yearly Ford vehicle lineup. Collectors and muscle car enthusiasts around the world pay close attention to every detail of this important car. Expectation is high as the Mustang team works around the clock to make sure everything is perfect on the new 2018 Ford Mustang GT with Performance Pack Level 2. This premium trim level contains everything that vehicle lovers enjoy most about the Mustang and plenty of other surprises.

What Can We Look Forward to?

What exactly makes the Performance Pack Level 2 so interesting? Here are the basics:

  • The Level 2 handily bridges the gap left between the GT 350 and GT Performance Pack
  • Retuned steering, MagneRide suspension, and Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires from Michelin deliver sporty and responsive handling
  • Front splitter and rear spoiler create a more aerodynamic design that perfectly suits the performance-optimized design
  • A lower stance allows for greater downforce, which allows for tight, assertive turns

The new Ford Mustang has a distinctive profile that nonetheless harkens back to its roots as a classic muscle car. Road testing has helped ensure ultra-responsive steering, braking, and overall handling.

Arriving at Showrooms Soon

The Mustang will be arriving in North American showrooms in spring; orders are now being taken at Sarasota Ford.

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