A vehicle or auto part recall is an urgent warning and notification that has been issued by the manufacturing company. Even though Ford's laboratories and technicians have exhausted many tests on all the vehicles that they introduce and distribute, there are times that unprecedented errors in design can happen that only unveil themselves through real-life situations. Our company is dedicated to its customers and wants to ensure the satisfaction and safety to those who drive Ford automobiles. That being said, when a recall happens, we try our very best to alert those who may be handling a machine with a faulty part. 

Recall Search Form

Sarasota Ford Dealership works tirelessly to provide customers with all the necessary information they need, including information about preventative maintenance, repair options, and manufacturer recalls. To manage a search on the Recall Search Form, all you need to do is put in your VIN number which will provide you with a comprehensive list of open Ford recalls. If you see any issues that need to be handled, we sincerely urge you to please schedule an appointment with one of our service department representatives. Remember! It is important to note that manufacturer recalls are not the owners fault, therefore replacement parts and services are provided free of charge for vehicle owners. For this reason alone, you should be encouraged to schedule an appointment as soon as you are aware there may be something wrong with your vehicle. Resolving recall issues with a repair or replacement has several benefits including:

  • Higher security for the driver and the passengers
  • Reduced risk on the road to other drivers
  • Increased vehicle life expectancy
  • Free replacement of parts known to wear
  • Vehicle safety inspection

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Please use the form below to update yourself on information concerning your vehicle. Should you be alerted to any ongoing issues with your vehicle, please schedule a service appointment online or call us at (888) 349-4989 to see us today! Your safety is our number one priority!