Advanced Mathematics Open Up New Car Financing Opportunities

September 14th, 2017 by

Risk management in financing is easily one of the most complex aspects of this practice, and it is a necessary part of dealership management. Ford has been working hard to improve risk management to minimize losses and better serve customers at the same time. Towards this end, Ford Credit teamed up with the whiz kids at ZestFinance to apply the very latest in financial modeling and machine learning to develop new risk management practices.

The machine learning model brought by ZestFinance has many important benefits, including:

  • Broadening credit approvals to many new deserving applicants
  • Minimizing the risk of losses that accompany all credit lending
  • Expanding the financing opportunities available to Ford customers

While Ford Credit plans to implement advanced machine learning models in many dealerships, it will not be available everywhere. At Sarasota Ford, you can always be sure that competitive financing offers are available. To see which deals you might qualify for, contact Sarasota Ford today.

Extending Credit to Deserving Customers

There are many customers seeking credit financing when buying a new card, SUV, or truck. Millennials and others with poor or no credit history often struggle to find financing in many different circumstances. The ability of the ZestFinance modeling features to manage large amounts of data allows more deserving people access to financing opportunities. Ford Credit is pleased to bring these options to select dealerships across the country.

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