Advanced Engineering Combined With Neighborliness

September 14th, 2017 by

The Ford Motor Company has always been associated with several iconic vehicles, including the famous Mustang GT. This year the Ford Mustang gets a new feature that plenty of neighbors and family members of lucky Mustang owners are going to be grateful for. The trademark growling engine can now be hushed with a Quiet Start Mode. This is a unique feature that dampens the sound of the vehicle starting up to a more morning-friendly level. This is just one of the special touches that makes Ford Mustang such a sought-after vehicle.

Being a Good Neighbor

A recent poll conducted by discovered that loud car engine noises are regarded as one of the most annoying sounds made by neighbors; other top-ranked sounds include barking dogs, band practice, power tools, and lawn mowers. Many neighborhoods have noise ordinances intended to help keep the peace. This is why police officers were called on Steve von Foerster, the former head of vehicle engineering at Ford. One morning von Foerster’s Shelby GT350 Mustang annoyed a neighbor who decided to call in a complaint. Although von Foerster avoided getting a ticket, he did start thinking about the effect of a growling engine on neighborhoods.

An Engineering Answer

The sound made by a revving Mustang engine is certainly a noise that gets the blood of any car enthusiast moving faster and the new Mustangs retain this trademark characteristic. The idea behind the Quiet Start Mode was to give car owners more control over their vehicle, including its engine sound. In fact, this system has some very interesting features. For instance:

  • Quiet Exhaust Mode utilizes active valve performance exhaust to control the sound of the running vehicle
  • Quiet Start Mode includes the option to schedule vehicle start times
  • Normal, Sport, and Track modes give drivers additional volume control

The Ford Mustang continues to be a trailblazing vehicle that is rooted in history. Discover the Mustang and other Ford vehicles at Sarasota Ford.

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