A Simple Fix Improves the New Mustang

January 17th, 2018 by

The Ford Motor Company is no stranger to innovation and engineers are always looking for ways to improve these vehicles. The Ford Mustang in particular is a vehicle renowned for its advanced engineering and classic sporty styling. However, even the best computers cannot substitute for the perspective and expertise that Ford’s designers bring to the task. Recently vehicle dynamics engineer Del Zio solved a problem with a bit of low-tech ingenuity: a piece of duct tape.

Solving Front End Lift

Front end lift is a problem affecting many vehicles, including the Ford Mustang. A small strip of tape applied over the lower portion of the grille helped reduce front end lift, which improved the Mustang’s handling on corners. Three important results were achieved:

  • Front end lift was reduced
  • Vehicle handling was improved
  • Driver confidence in vehicle action was increased

Directing Air Flow

Vehicle aerodynamics is an important consideration, especially for cars built for speed – like the Mustang. The modified front end, lower nose, rocker shield, and larger front splitter helps channel air into a better flow pattern beneath the car.

Pushing Innovation Forward

Ford engineers and vehicle designers are going to continue pushing the boundaries of car design with the help of cutting-edge technology and a few old-school tricks.

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