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Custom Ford Trucks

The newest line of Ford vehicles is one of the best to come from Ford yet. However, you might be looking for something beyond the regular stock models available at our car dealerships in Sarasota, FL. Those looking for custom trucks for sale will be happy to know that we also offer 707 customizations. Whether you're trying to improve performance or aesthetics, these elite upgrades can give your car an extra edge. The 707 Performance Team can take your regular old vehicle and turn it into something much more. From minor customizations to entire kits, we'll focus on your unique needs to help you decide which options will work best for you. If you're thinking of checking out some more performance-based upgrades, you'll be happy to know the 707 Performance team will be more than happy to assist. 

We're able to work on a myriad of different engines, ranging from a small 1.7L all the way up to larger V8 engines. Whether you want a custom Ford truck or even an SUV, we can give it the extra power you've been looking for. We even provide custom exhaust and supercharger kits so that you can build your ideal custom Ford Bronco. Opening up the hood of one of these 707 custom vehicles at our car dealerships in Sarasota, FL, will make you feel like you're looking at a work of art. Ford Performance parts can make a huge difference in your current vehicle or whichever one you plan on purchasing. From powerful turbochargers to upgraded lift kits for custom Ford SUVs, we're standing by to help you build your ideal vehicle! As well as all this, you'll more than likely need a suspension system that can handle all the horsepower your engine churns out. Fortunately, we offer high-performance suspension systems that are built for the track, letting you know they'll handle like a dream. With shock upgrades, lowered springs, and various other suspension modifications, you can have your custom Ford F-150 ready for the track in no time. 707 also makes sure to use only high-end brand-names such as Steeda as well as RTR. Widening the track width is also something we can do to give any of our custom trucks for sale improved off-road handling. Whether you're hitting the streets or a dirt track, our 707 custom Ford trucks will make sure you're ready for them.

Ford Performance

Aside from our custom trucks for sale being far more performance-driven than the stock ones, that's not all that our 707 custom vehicles entail. You'll immediately notice that all our custom Ford trucks have a breathtaking appearance that will be sure to turn quite a few heads. We offer bold colors that may not be available on stock vehicles so that you can fine-tune the exterior paint job to suit your own unique style. Other appearance upgrades include polished chrome grilles and even light bars for those who need a little extra help on dark roads. Being able to customize everything about your vehicle down to the color of the brake calipers means that nobody will be driving the same car as you. When it comes to wheels and rims, we also have a wide array of options from Velgen, Niche, and many more. If you want to stand out from the rest of the traffic around you, be sure to look into a 707 custom Ford Explorer today!

Tampa Bay Ford Dealers

Although performance and appearance can mean a lot to a driver, functionality is also something most people desire. Here at our car dealerships in Sarasota, FL, we understand that 707 custom vehicles appeal to the working man as well. Sometimes, that means protecting all the great upgrades you've installed on your vehicle. Since protecting your investment is more than likely at the top of your list, the 707 Performance Team wants to help. When you visit our Tampa Bay Ford dealers, you'll find that we have a number of different protection options that will ensure your pickup maintains its ruggedness. 

For instance, we offer Line-X Spray-In Bed Liners. These liners give the bed of your truck a tough and rugged coating. Not only will it make your bed more durable, but the ultra-grip surface will ensure your cargo stays in place even when making sharp turns. Do you also want to make sure you keep the interior of your custom Ford truck nice and clean? If you plan on using your truck for work, the last thing you want to do is track a bunch of mud on the inside of it. Fortunately, we offer WeatherTech® Floor Liners that are digitally designed to fit your specific model. Those concerned with protecting their paint and maintaining a good resale value will also be able to get themselves a paint protection film. This film goes over vulnerable parts of your vehicle without changing the color or being noticeable in the slightest. Protecting the pain on your vehicle could mean being able to build even more equity in any custom trucks for sale that you purchase. 

Here at Sarasota Ford in Florida, we believe that you should be able to pursue your dream vehicle even if it means getting a bunch of upgrades. We understand that each person that walks in has a unique vision for the vehicle they want and our Ford truck dealers near you want to help. If you're interested in building your own 707 custom Ford Bronco, why bother hesitating any longer? Even those dealing with a busy schedule will find us open 7 days a week with flexible weekend hours. When people want to work with Tampa Bay Ford dealers that will keep your best interests in mind, they make sure to visit us. Whether you want custom trucks for sale, stock models, or even pre-owned vehicles, all our satisfied clients will tell you we're a great place to shop. Whenever you feel ready to leave behind your current vehicle and get into something that suits your lifestyle and sense of style, make sure that we're your first stop. If you have any questions about upgrading your current vehicle with the 707 Performance team, you're more than welcome to instant message us from our website. You can find our car dealerships in Sarasota, FL, located at 707 South Washington Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34236.