The 2018 Ford Superduty Pickups

When you are looking for the most powerful pickups you can find, you need to check out the Ford Super Duty lineup. These trucks elaborate on Ford’s rugged pickup design, reinforcing it to create some of the hardest working, highest power vehicles you can find on the American roadway. If you want to maximize your towing capacity so you can get more done, you need to check out the features below.

Super Duty Features

There are a number of Super Duty models in any given year, so you can mix and match features as needed to get the exact performance you want out of a vehicle. That means:New Ford Super Duty

  • Voice activated Ford Nsync system
  • Turbocharged engine capability for better performance
  • Best in class fuel economy
  • Driver activated towing mode
  • Box size choices
  • Cab length choices: regular, extended, super extended

What is the towing mode? You might not recognize it if you haven’t been following Ford’s innovations in recent years. This mode allows you to apply more power without picking up excess speed, giving you the output needed to tow consistently with less strain on your vehicle and more control.

Test Drive a Ford Super Duty Truck

If you want to know how a Super Duty feels on the road, there is no better way to make the discovery than to drive one for yourself. The best way to do that is to call down to our sales department, to make sure you can select a time when a Sarasota Ford sales associate can have a vehicle ready to go for you. That way, you can put it through its paces or even compare a few different Super Duty models. All you need to do is contact us today through our online form or by phone at 888-349-4989. We’re waiting to hear from you, so don’t wait.